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About Us

AMCS Group has many years’ experience in delivering integrated environmental software and solutions to the recycling and waste sector. Our key areas of expertise fall into the following categories:

  • Software development & delivery
  • On-vehicle technology
  • Dynamic weighbridge
  • Project management 

Our client approach has been built around identifying how our solutions can deliver quantifiable improvements.  Enhanced efficiency, reduced costs and improved customer service have all been reported from clients who have adopted our technology and systems.

Significant, on-going investment in R&D enables our team of specialist engineers to deliver solutions that best support the customer’s business needs and maximise on ROI.

Our in-house Customer Support team works closely with the Service Delivery and Project teams to ensure all our customers have access to the highest levels of technical expertise required to maintain our integrated environmental software and solutions at optimum performance levels during project start-ups and ongoing support.

AMCS Group has vast expertise and experience within the following areas:

  • Municipal sector including Pay as you Throw schemes
  • Commercial and Industrial sector
  • Management of MRF facilities
  • Weighbridge