Portable Toilet Management

Solutions for efficient management of operations in the portable toilet industry

AMCS has designed an industry-specific technology solution to meet the ever-changing business needs of the portable toilet management industry. With the AMCS Portable Toilet solution, you can quickly and easily manage all business-critical processes, streamline your operations, dramatically increase billing efficiency and drive profitability and productivity across your organisation.

Major Benefits:

  • Increase financial control & reduce revenue leakage
  • Increase operational & fleet profitability through optimization
  • Increase sales team effectiveness
  • Dramatically improve billing efficiency


  • Automatic pro-rations, easy 28-day & anniversary billing cycles
  • Scalable, 360-degree visibility into your portable toilet business operations
  • Integrated customer portal for comprehensive account management
  • Mobile solutions for real-time route and service information, including driver & customer signatures as well as image capture
Portable toilet management
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AMCS offers a broad suite of solutions and services to help the portable toilet management industry to increase the efficiency:

  • AMCS Portable Toilet Solution
  • AMCS Customer Portal
  • AMCS Route Optimization
  • AMCS Transport


  • Professional Services
  • Training
  • Support


The features of the AMCS suite of solutions and services have been developed, based on industry-specific knowledge which AMCS has acquired from our customers within the industry. You will be able to benefit from this experience within the portable toilet management industry. Our references include: Johnny On the Spot.

More Information

For more information on AMCS’ industry-specific solutions and services for portable toilet management industry, please read our Portable Toilet Management solution brief (PDF) or contact us.