Oil and Gas Industry

Improving efficiency within liquid fuel distribution

In general, the petroleum industry faces certain difficulties. It gains increased public attention and is confronted by a demand for corporate responsibility and protection of the environment. One way for petroleum companies to meet these demands is to run the operation more efficiently and environmentally safe by introducing smart resource technology.

Moreover, the industry experiences tight supplies of oil, and when costs increase, companies tend to consolidate. Consolidation forces the involved companies to optimize their operations to prepare for the new and fiercer competitive situation.

Since there are few options for product differentiation in the petroleum industry, companies must distinguish themselves by, for example, competing on price or providing better customer service, including delivery accuracy and order flexibility. An efficient, high-quality suite of IT systems and services enables petroleum companies to deliver better customer service at lower costs.

Activities related to for instance transportation are major cost burdens, and the potential for improving the efficiency of oil and petrol distribution is great. Savings in this area have a direct impact on company margins. Therefore, it is essential to find the right tools for optimizing the planning and execution of the distribution.


AMCS offers a broad suite of solutions and services to help the oil and gas industry to increase the efficiency:

  • AMCS Transport
  • AMCS Materials and Processing
  • AMCS Data Exchange
  • AMCS Specialty Waste


  • Professional Services
  • Training
  • Support


Over the years, the features of the AMCS suite of solutions and services have been developed, based on extensive industry-specific knowledge which AMCS has acquired from our numerous customers within the industry. You will be able to benefit from this experience within the oil and gas industry. Our references include: Statoil, Neste Oil, OK, Greenergy, DCC Energy, Skelleftebränslen, Salland Olie and Olíudreifing.

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