• Terberg Matec UK Soapbox race

    AMCS Group and Terberg Matec UK have a long standing relationship, formally dating back over 4 years. So when they asked us to sponsor one […]

    What AMCS Does to Help Haulers Run Their Businesses

    Megan Greenwalt, Waste 360 | Nov 22, 2016

    AMCS manages the end to end process from customer on-boarding, contract and pricing management, collection services, route management, route […]

    Efficient planning optimizes collection of bottles and cans

    IT solution improves service levels and reduces miles on the road for Returpack, Sweden’s largest container-deposit company

    By Jesper B. Nielsen, Transportmagasinet

    Returpack is Sweden’s largest player in […]

    Time to take a measured approach to waste collection

    Written by: Ken Tierney | Published: 05 January 2016

    For some time we have realized the potential commercial benefits of on-board weighing, particularly when combined […]

    Companies are urged to start taking the tablets

    The challenging markets experienced by the waste and recycling sector in recent years has meant that the need for operational efficiency and high-quality […]

    The role of technology in route optimization

    head of’s upcoming Route Optimization webinar AMCS Group’s Elaine Treacy looks at how implementation of the latest technology can improve the efficiency of waste and recycling […]

    Diversity is the name of the weighing game

    Recycling & Waste World (RWW) editor Geraldine Faulkner reports on how weighing specialists, including AMCS Group, help clients improve their resource management. Read the full […]

    Apps for information at your fingertips

    12 September 2015 | By Katie Coyne

    Smart phones have certainly changed the way we communicate and gather information. Katie Coyne looks into some of the apps that […]

    An upwardly mobile sector

    AMCS Group’s Elaine Treacy looks at the evolving use of digital technology in the waste sector.

    When Motorola launched their first commercially available mobile phone in […]

    • jm-headshot_NewsThumb

    AMCS on the future of waste management software

    Jimmy Martin, chief executive and co-founder of AMCS, spoke to CIWM about waste management software and the impact of using it wisely could have on […]

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