AMCS Route Planner

For day-to-day planning, master routes and what-if scenarios

AMCS Route Planner is a powerful optimization system for both residential and commercial waste routes. Our route optimization system is equipped with powerful optimization algorithms that are tailored for the waste management industry. Together with its intuitive user-interface, it forms the perfect solution for driving efficiency gains out of your waste collection. With more than 30 years of experience, the system is utilized widely at industry-leading companies.

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System Highlights

  • Carrying out periodic master route optimization with different seasonal plans
  • Efficient insertion of new customers into the existing master plans
  • Delivering order pricing and time slotting during order taking within AMCS 7
  • Delivering sequence optimization and geocoding within AMCS 7
  • Ability to handle extreme data volumes for high density planning and many waste specific planning requirements
  • Specialized planning based on fixed visit patterns, with an allowance to move schedules between days

Major Benefits

  • 5-25% reduction in number of vehicles and/or driver shifts
  • 5-30% reduction in number of miles, driving time and CO2 emission
  • 25-90% reduction in time spent per route optimization
  • Significantly improved customer service and visit accuracy
  • Decrease in time spent on follow-up through integrated IT systems

More Information

For further information AMCS Route Planner, please go to our routing website,  contact us or read more about AMCS Route Planner by downloading our AMCS Route Planner solution brief (PDF).

Route Optimization Service

AMCS now offers a Route Optimization Service which manages the optimization of master routes for our customers, using our state-of-the art AMCS Route Planner software. For more information, visit our AMCS Route Optimization Service page, download our AMCS Route Optimization Service solution brief (PDF) or contact us.